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This album has no useless skits, no mumbling, no choppy flows, no crooning, no trappy high hats – just straight-up traditional Hip Hop with great word-play: lyrics worth listening to and dope flows, with echos of the rapping styles of legendary emcees such as old-school pioneer Grandmaster Caz’s and Philly’s underground mic-slayer The Last Emperor. The album has 12 tracks, refreshingly with no skits and no guest emcees at all (other than Big K.R.I.T. Internet s'enflamme Nas, Biggie, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne... quand les américains s'amusent à classer les 50 meilleurs rappeurs de tous les temps, ça fait réagir. CLIPS NEWS ! In the same week Kanye West drops a 27-minute project that fails on all fronts (with botched vocals and with instrumentals sounding rushed, and badly mixed and mastered), Apollo Brown shows how it’s done. Don’t sleep on SOL Development.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hiphopgoldenage_com-portrait-2','ezslot_20',180,'0','0'])); Bronx Slang was released on March 1st of this year and flew way under most people’s radars – even real heads might have missed it. It’s bad poetry executed by people that can’t sing. But just like fellow lyrical heavyweight Canibus, Ras Kass was usually let down by the so-so quality of beats on most of the projects he released over the years. If you’re familiar with and appreciative of billy woods’ earlier projects you will enjoy Terror Management without a doubt. His outer pressures help craft the jewels he lays over Phoniks jazzy production as he showcases his mature, honest perspective across the albums 12 tracks.”. Funhouse Mirror is a great listen, don’t sleep on Marlon Craft. Also, there’s plenty of great scratch work (by DJ Kanganade), which contributes to the album’s perfectly executed throwback vibe. Danny Brown is back, three years after he dropped the unorthodox masterpiece Atrocity Exhibition. It can be argued the Novel feature doesn’t really work though, “The Old Groove” certainly is one of the weaker songs on WWCD. HARRIETT is a duo consisting of California-based poets Damani Nkosi and Ill Camille – their collaboration leads to this beautiful spiritual album, filled with smooth, melodic soundscapes and uplifting lyrical content. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 15 octobre 2019. Collaborating alongside a multitude of skillful musicians such as trumpeter Sam Trump, pianist Aminata Burton, alto sax player Caroline Davis, and rap luminaries such as GLC, Rita J., and Rashid Hadee, this album is nothing short of a masterpiece inside and out. Rise Of Da Moon is a must-have, at least for those who were around to enjoy Black Moon’s debut when it dropped. Read here >>> The Most Disappointing Hip Hop Albums Of 2019  | The Most Disappointing Hip Hop Albums Of 2019 (2) <<< why the albums you see here were disappointing in our opinion. It’s in the race for number 2 for my ear. Homeboy Sandman is a well-respected underground emcee, and an acquired taste – similar to a contemporary and frequent collaborator Quelle Chris in that regard. Class, confidence, style, intelligence, attitude, skill, power – Rapsody has it all and on Eve it all comes together to result in an album that will be sure to rank among the decade’s best. Napoleon da legend – Coup D’état 2 I actually started listening to Quelle Chris’s Guns after you recommended it and it’s actually not that difficult a listen to me as I envisioned. J. Cole's 'Middle Child' is a 2019 highlight. 19. Soul On Ice 2 is not as impactful as Soul On Ice was, but it has enough shining moments to be considered one of Ras Kass’ best works. Brooklyn-born Virginia-resident Awon teamed up with long-time collaborator Phoniks to craft this timeless-feeling album. Let Love is full of positive vibes and inspiration without being (too) cheesy or preachy. Picture: Getty That all depends on personal preferences of course, and maybe we shouldn’t be comparing projects anyway. It Wasn’t Even Close is Brooklyn’s Your Old Droog third full-length project, and his best up til now (even if the previous two were pretty damn good too). Rapsody’s lyrics are compelling throughout the whole album and the smooth and classy soundscapes (with some excellent sampling) are on point too. It may be down to personal preferences and you may not be bothered by it, but this reviewer can’t get used to WSG’s nasal high-pitched screech of a voice – he sounds like a ten-year-old kid. uknowhatimsayin¿ definitely is Danny Brown’s most traditional-sounding project since his 2010 debut The Hybrid. – Kurt Cobain. If you can sell them to me, please do. Mach Hommy, Fielded, Pink Siifu, Akai Solo, Lauren Kelly Benson (fka L’Wren) and The Funs all make guest appearances. “Does anybody make real sh** anymore?” Bobby J asks in the first lines of the opening song “Bobby J For President”. Here you will find our favorite releases of the year ranked, with a sizeable honorable mention section attached as well. His ear for detail is evident, and you can sense the passion and love that went into the creation of this album. Don’t let the somewhat a-typical album cover art fool you – this is real Hip Hop, an album with great replay value and a must-have for anyone who likes authentic, quality Hip Hop with perfectly executed Golden Age Hip Hop vibes, without sounding dated at all. From the West Coast to the East Coast and everywhere in between, my list of the 23 best hip hop festivals in the USA is bound to … Thanks for the feedback – appreciate it! Awon’s Soulapowa will not be for everyone, but for those listeners who dig extremely smooth, soulful and jazzy boom-bap this album is gold. Papoose has always been a top-tier emcee with way above average intelligence and bar-writing ability – and he shows off his lyrical skills all over this album: on the raw boom-bap tracks that start of the album and on the mature and more emotionally-laced songs that make up most of the second half of this album. Billboard Global Excl. Ardore Melodico (Italian for something like ‘fierce melody’) is one the best examples of the boom-bap renaissance that is going on right now. Ton top est trop « caricaturale » on va dire. Top 100 Rap Songs of 2020 - Best Popular Rap Songs 2020 By redmusiccompany. “You top 20? Joell Ortiz may have had his biggest moments in the spotlight as part of Shady Records’ supergroup Slaughterhouse, but his best work he did on his own. Where lots of artists are content with dropping a bunch of 25-minute projects each year to stay in the public for as much time as possible, Apollo Brown goes the other way: taking the time to craft a work of quality that really resonates and that will undoubtedly prove to have longevity: Sincerely, Detroit will not fall victim to those short hype circles – you just wait and see. This trademark-gimmick may have been funny at first, or useful in establishing brand-recognition, but these adlibs are really becoming a major annoyance at this point. The first six months of 2019 have produced some real gems - here's a rundown of the best rap and hip-hop albums to have come out this year. Again and again and again. For Here’s Mud in Your Eye, Dalles emcee Krum (fka Playdough) teamed up with Theory Hazit, a producer from Portland, Oregon. Marcielago is another dose of raw, hard-hitting, unadulterated NYC street Hip Hop. Mixtape king Papoose returned this month to drop his 3rd studio album, aptly titled Underrated. Grey Area is her third album after the release of four mixtapes and five EPs, and her debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons (2015) and her second studio album Stillness in Wonderland (2016). Only time will tell if Retropolitan will eventually be considered in the same league as Pete Rock’s early classics Mecca And The Soul Brother (1992) and The Main Ingredient (1994), but don’t be surprised if this album is destined to be on the classic-shelf too. Production duties are shared between Arbus Beats, Black Milk, DJ Green Lantern, Statik Selektah, and DJ Skizz. I only made it too 30 or so . That project with Blu , and singles with Talib Kweli , and Doom this year he has been on one in 2019. Featuring narration by Kadeem Hardison (from A Different World fame), Jim Crow: The Musical is a poignant and powerful project about living life as a black man in America. Chicago emcee Add-2 is back with the release of his latest album, Jim Crow: The Musical. 52. On te met sur liste ? I host a show on Pharcyde TV called the Deep Soul Radio Show, which is mostly Boom Bap. Dossiers . In this stage of his life and career, Common is mature and confident enough to share his experiences and perspectives through his music, he doesn’t have anything left to prove and even if this labor of love is a project that will not be counted among the best of his albums, it is a worthy addition to an excellent body of work. Eve and Retropolitan are the best albums of the year. Dark boom-bap beats and great lyricism – this is a fine project from one of the most interesting personalities in the game today. El Capo is an album that grows on you, an album with a lot of replay value. Released on January 2nd, this album flew way under most people’s radars. Punchlines, Rap US. UK Hip hop, features from Conway, Westside Gunn and Roc Marci, I’d like to see this make the list. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter. Like The Night Took Us In Like Family, Complicate Your Life With Violence is a concept album, examing the (insane) nature of war and violence by asking and answering some difficult questions on the subject. On October 23, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" received an RIAA Diamond certification, 2019's first Diamond certification and the fastest song in history to reach this milestone. Les 10 meilleurs albums rap francophone de 2019. Awesome cover-art too! First off, there’s almost no other please online that I’ve found thus far that does justice to underground hip hop artists by compiling their releases so as to bring them to the attention of avid music listeners. Simian Automatic has guest appearances by the likes of Shabaam Sahdeeq, Skratchmo, Pacewon, I.N.F., Tony Skratchere & C-Rayz Walz & Respect Tha God and sports production by Prospek, Kid Infamous, Vherbal, Conflikt, Black Panther, Vic Grim. Lyrically confident and astute, this album shows what experience and maturity can do for an album in terms of quality and execution. Play on Spotify. That is to say, the year is coming to a close. 38 Spesh dropped a couple of dope EP’s in 2019, but this compilation arguably is the best of his output this year. K-Rino not only is a superior lyricist he also is a great storyteller, with dope metaphors and punchlines galore. Apollo Brown’s smooth boom-bap is the common thread that holds this album together and from the host of featured artists nobody disappoints – who shines most will likely be dependent on the personal preference of the listener. There are a few features on the album, most notably of Roc Marciano and MF DOOM, who drops a sick verse. The question was if they could do it again – the answer turned out to be a resounding yes. With some more tracks of the same quality and some fewer skits, May The Lord Watch could have been even better – as it is this is one of the best albums of 2019 anyway. Huntington Beach’s A.J. Droog (which means friend in Russian, Your Old Droog is of Ukrainian descent) is a dope emcee, with personality and wit – which makes his lyrics more than worth listening to. In his verse on “Bang” (a previously recorded verse which feels tacked on here), he raps about his beef with Canibus and Ja Rule and other ancient histories which makes his presence on this album feel totally out of place. Billboard Global Excl. 100 Songs — The conversation around music has never been as expansive and exciting as it has been in 2019. Caligula, the first album under his new moniker. Once again Anti-Lilly is laying his therapy sessions on record, speaking on his substance abuse, trust issues, relationships and coping with his parents’ divorce. Because of its raw emotional content PSYCHODRAMA is not an easy listen, but it doesn’t have to be – there’s more than enough fluff music out there, this is music with substance. Keith Sweat & Montell Jordan en concert le 31 mars 2020 à la Salle Pleyel. Attempts of rock singers who try to rap are more often miss than hit, but Hemlock Ernst pulls it off (just check out his lyrical dexterity on the stand-out track “Down”) – not in the last place thanks to the instrumentals Kenny Segal provides. This could probably be due to you’re not having heard of these cats or a plethora of other possible reasons but I wanted to definitely posit them for inclusion on a later list. This is our list of what we think are the best Hip Hop albums of 2019. Of snatching one’s humanity from the fires that rage all about us. Not a weak song on Summer Classics, but “The Collector” with Killah Priest, “Hook Drop”, a M.O.P. It can and has extensively been argued nobody at all should casually use that word in their lyrics but to hear someone like Nems do it – a guy of Irish-Puerto-Rican descent who almost looks as white as Eminem does – is sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Holding momentum throughout a 16-track album is not a given, but Eve is sequenced perfectly – not a second is wasted and there is no filler. Production duties are handled entirely by longtime Diplomats producers Heatmakerz, they came up with an album full of knocking 808s with that NYC sound and feel for Jim Jones to spit his bars over. Toen Spliff recruited a host of talented emcees to do his beats justice – Kool G Rap, Big Shug, Sadat X, Ed OG, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Illa Ghee, Ruste Juxx, Pacewon, C Rayz Walz, Tha God Fahim, Daniel Son, Ren Thomas, Young Lo, Solomon Childs, Realio Sparkzwell, Ill Conscious, Recognize Ali, Supreme Cerebral, Zagnif Nori, Kool Taj Tha Gr8, Localblac, Suezar, and Born Talent – adding this project to your music library should be a no-brainer if you’re a boom-bap head. Negatives aside, there are some true bangers and flashes of brilliance on this album. Gambi. A thing that may spark some controversy is Nems’ use of the N-word in his songs, especially in these over-sensitive times. Getty Image. Normally we don’t include greatest hits or compilation albums in our years best lists, but this 8Ball & MJG release is a special case. On Simian Automatic Calig Kontra offers us his views on the world we live in and the current state of our human existence. If 2019 were a hip-hop album, it'd be about time to usher in the bonus tracks. At 33 minutes barely over EP-length, this surprise release by Brother Ali is an unexpected treat – Secrets & Escapes is a truly great project, despite its short running time and total lack of pre-promotion. Both The Idea of Beautiful (2012) and Laila’s Wisdom (2017) were among the best albums of the years in which they were released, so it was hard to imagine how Rapsody could equal the standard of quality she set for herself with her previous releases. And even if we prefer that album over this one, Chamber No. Pretty much everything he has dropped this decade has been stellar, be it solo or as part of Armand Hammer (with Elucid). Just like fellow Boot Camp Clik-rappers Smif-N-Wessun did with this year’s The All, Black Moon does justice to its own legacy with an excellent return to Hip Hop’s spotlights. Best rap quotes and lyrics about friends. With 30+ years in the game and responsible for a whole bunch of classics – as part of EPMD and as a producer for others – Erick Sermon has nothing left to prove, his prominent place in Hip Hop history is assured. Having said that, Let Love may just be a little bit too smooth, too loungy, too sugary-sweet – compared to its predecessors it just lacks a bit of punch. This means the album’s playing time is just a couple of minutes over half an hour – just over EP-length and too short for a proper album, really. Clipping rapper Daveed Diggs may be better known for his acting, but here he once again proves he is an exceptional lyricist as well. or DITC fan and bring to light many sought-after cassette dubs that now have been sourced from original masters and digitally remastered. If 2019 were a hip-hop album, it'd be about time to usher in the bonus tracks. Much like 2018’s Czarface Meets MetalFace with MF DOOM, the collaboration of Czarface with Ghostface Killah makes perfect sense. Joell Ortiz is a true lyricist, a real rapper. Read the description from billy woods’ own website: On his new album, Terror Management, billy woods weaves past, present and future into a dark tableau as hilarious as it is macabre. anthem with Lil’ Fame, “The Return”, which has Bobby and unsung icon Kwame trading well-crafted bars (“Its the return of the boom-bap black hoodie sh** / Back with the back and forth, back on our bully sh**”), “On My Own”, with its booming beat and echoes of Eminem, and the single “Hometown” are some of the definitive highlights. 10. 1994 serves to celebrate the 25th year anniversary of one of the best years in Hip Hop. Smooth, atmospheric production, poetically beautiful lyrics, and great flow and delivery. Inspectah Deck’s best solo release since his debut solo album Uncontrolled Substance (1999). Ill Camille and Damani Nkosi are artists to watch – don’t forget Damani Nkosi had one of the best albums this decade with his 2014 release Thoughtful King. Danny Brown is a media darling and much like artists like Tyler The Creator and JPEGMAFIA (who both had overhyped and overrated projects this year), Danny Brown can do little wrong in the eyes of critics and fans alike. Tous les articles Best of. Clipping doesn’t try to be experimental for the sake of it. Chart of the most popular and best selling new hip-hop and rap songs on the iTunes rap chart. That is to say, the year is coming to a close. Bobby has something to say and he possesses the pen-game and mic skills to carry an album by himself too. the best Hip Hop albums of the 2000’s decade, The Most Disappointing Hip Hop Albums Of 2019, The Most Disappointing Hip Hop Albums Of 2019 (2, Vinnie Paz & Tragedy Khadafi – Camouflage Regime, KXNG CROOKED × Bronze Nazareth – Gravitas, Marcel P. Black – In Search Of The Black Messiah, Panik (Molemen) – Coloring Outside The Lines, Carta’ P. & Parental – A Beautiful Mess LP, Ullnevano & Logic Marselis – Dustin Grime, Supreme Cerebral & Eloh Kush – Clark Connoisseurs, JK1 The Supernova – Hip Hop Doesn’t Love You Back, The Cloaks – Cloak Encounters Of The Third Eye, Jazz Spastiks & People Without Shoes – Green Street, Wordsworth & Pearl Gates – Champion Sounds, Tone Liv & Decay, the Llama – Gas Station Sushi, Viro The Virus & Snowgoons – From Jersey To Germany, Mr. Muthaf***in eXquire – Mr. Muthaf***in’ eXquire, Styles P – S.P. 20 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2019 In a year where rap’s biggest stars (Kanye West excepted) took a break, a new class of stars, from Megan Thee Stallion to DaBaby to Roddy Ricch, emerged. This is an album with great replay-value which will most likely be ignored by all the mainstream rap music outlets in favor of trap-fluff, but it should rank high on any self-respecting Hip Hop fan’s end-of-year list. uknowhatimsayin¿ is not as ambitious as his last project was, less experimental and much more accessible and laid back too. 1994 features a host of the most buzzing emcees in underground Hip Hop and 38 Spesh has them all rhyming over classic beats he remade, adding his own flavor, for this project. That’s The World offers a dose of smooth and jazzy Hip Hop at its finest. 26 years after their landmark debut, Enta Da Stage, and 16 years after their latest release Total Eclipse, Black Moon comes full circle as they take it back to the essence with this fantastic reunion album. Too many people are sleeping on this multi-talent from Chicago. Also refreshing: all 16 tracks are actual songs, there are no interludes or other unnecessary filler, nor are there any weak songs. There have been disappointments this year though. Strangely enough, this project gets much less attention than the album he dropped with Czarface this year. Ever since his debut album F’Real in 1997, Murs has been dropping dope projects consistently, solo as well as collaborative. With a couple of dull instrumentals and a few tracks with weak hooks (“Midnight”, “Street Superstar” and “LL CooL J” come to mind), the album could have been stronger if 4 or 5 tracks would have been left off the album. Even Soul On Ice‘ s strong point never was its production, and the same can be said for Soul On Ice 2. (with Kool Keith, 2015), The Life & Death Of Scenery (with Mr. Lif, 2016) and of course the first project he did together with Chicago emcee Jeremiah Jae: The Night Took Us In Like Family (2015). Best Rap Ringtones is a legally licensed Ringtone app that has all the hottest and latest rap hip hop songs. It’s also a bad decision to let Eminem’s verse be the last one on the album, it closes the album out on a false note. That might, or should change with the release of this album, his fourth solo project. These songs embody the spirit of the 2000s. The Last Poets – Transcending Toxic Times Sincerely, Detroit is Apollo Brown’s tribute to his hometown and a love letter to the culture. The answer is yes: Bobby J From Rockaway does. Guests like Chester Watson, billy woods, Zeroh, and Loji add their perspectives – resulting in a poignant project meant for thinking people. March 29, 2019. This is a place where skeletons spill from closets, lead pours from faucets and the punchline is the whole joke. Armstrong and Evidence himself. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, doo, doo, doo, doo, boom, boom, boom, BOOM. Check out this album, you will not regret it. 9. May the Lord Watch doesn’t have any production by original Little Brother member 9th Wonder but it has the great lyrical synergy of Big Pooh and Phonte we know from previous Little Brother albums. What to expect from Kwesbaar? This page lists the songs that reached number-one on the overall Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, the R&B Songs chart (which was created in 2012), and the Hot Rap Songs chart in 2019. I would definitely recommend that one if you guys haven’t heard it yet. This year we had an overhyped and overrated album by media-darling JPEG Mafia, an album on which he tried to be edgy, innovative and experimental by throwing some random sounds and noises together. 07 août 2019 par Team Mouv' One of the most anticipated albums of the year delivers on all accounts. But the younger generation can’t go wrong with this album either – this is NYC boom-bap of the highest quality. We’re basically just primal creatures easily influenced by media, medicines, and a self-consumed fantasy world that most live in.”. On avait un peu perdu de vue Jazz Cartier ces deux dernières années, mais son retour en indépendant semble indiquer que le rappeur de Toronto relocalisé à LA est de nouveau sur la bonne voie. Best Rap Ringtones - Free Hip Hop Music Tones. Deep, dark and weighty lyrics, sometimes bordering on surrealism but always intelligent and with substance – this is Hip Hop for grown-ups of the highest order. This is an excellent album that should appeal to almost anyone. On October 23, Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" received an RIAA Diamond certification, 2019's first Diamond certification and the fastest song in history to reach this milestone. The Fight For Survival, the follow up to his well-received 2016 album From Ashes to Kingdom Come is another certified banger. Best Ringtones Apps Inc. Music & Audio. Andre Gee Twitter Contributing Writer. Apparently (he talks about it on the album), he feels that being partly Puerto-Rican makes it OK. Oh well. Fun and clever lyrics (full of references to Golden Age classics) and sonically knocking – This Was Supposed To Be Fun is a must-listen. Blu & Damu’s project is great, but it’s an EP. The R&B Songs and Rap Songs charts partly serve as distillations of the overall R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. P.S. With that said, I noticed the omission of Rome Streetz’ Noise Kandy 3 and any of Chris Crack’s releases this year. Promoe – The Art Of Losing Calig Kontra’s is a real rapper too – he has the skills to carry a full-length album, and he has something to say. Il y a de très belles phrases dans le rap, et nous allons vous le prouver avec cette sélection des meilleures citations With the sonic foundations more than solid, it’s Learic’s lyrics and wordplay that make this album the gem that it is – dope flows and clever content all the way through. Tone Spliff is a producer AND a DJ – this album is not just produced flawlessly, just about every song has Tone Spliff scratching in carefully selected vocal samples – this emphasis on the DJ gives the whole album even more of that Golden Age vibe we obviously love. Nice and tight at ten tracks, Grey Area is utterly consistent and cohesive: all killer and no filler. For all his brilliance as a visionary businessman, his presence as an emcee on the records he is on brings them down a notch or two, and this goes for WWCD too.

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