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A jewel for under $1000. My Camera of the Year 2020. It produces a medium format type of look. The Bottom Line With Leica-quality photo and video plus fast performance, the Leica SL has a lot to recommend. The Panasonic S1 on the other hand is crazy good in the darkest of situations. As I get older I start to realize that newer is not always better. DC_P-07964_Used. If someone asked me today what my perfect “desert island” camera would be I think it would be the current SL body but with the new EVF and new 24MP sensor. Discontinued - While supplies last. I pitted the GFX50s against the Leica SL in the following video: You’ve probably forgotten about me. Your review of the SL and Panasonic have given me two alternatives. (Not interested in those huge new lenses) Thanks agains. Leica SL sure thing seeeesh was Leica Q style small interchangeable 27MP ever in Leica’s pipe dream : They were sharper, and had less vignetting on the S1 over the SL. No excuses anymore not to buy a Leica anymore, https://www.reddotcameras.co.uk/347-sl-system. Maybe for you, but that is only partially true for me. On more than one occasion, our shoot-from-the-hip focal length estimate was off, but thanks to the giant .DNG file the SL2 yields, we ended up … Steve you have used this camera with a Nikon mount Voigtlander 58mm f1.4. It pulls me back like it has some kind of mystical magic mojo, a hold on me that I can’t shake. Leica TL2 Mirrorless Camera Introduced. Wow thanks for the comment and your story! A Look at the Leica 90mm Summilux f/1.5 Lens on the M10-R and 907x. I’ve a question, please, because I’m considering a Leica SL — I’m a lapsed Leica user — and I’d like your advice. Use these two a lot on my M-E and M6 film camera. I have a question! The diopter is brilliant, just twist the dial behind the massive viewfinder. Based on your advice, I am thinking of getting an SL, albeit used. I have the S1 also, and it is one of the best cameras I have worked with for my shooting preferences (concerts, low light) and yes it beats the SL in almost all areas of IQ from High ISO to Af speed to having 5 Axis IS, Eye AF, Lovely video due to that 5 Axis and lovely skin tones. The smallest one that does is the Hadley Pro, which would fit the SL. This makes sense as it will be there big bad ass 35mm mirrorless and many feel “more is better” so it should generate some excitement. In daylight it was beautiful though. While a wonderful camera, the gestalt does not compare to shooting with the SL. The Leica SL2 is hand-crafted in Germany, explaining just why why Leica is so expensive (Image credit: Leica Rumors). I thought about the SL, too, but now i stick with the M. I played with the SL and i would agree, that it is really a joy to use with M lenses from any brand. Steve, Thanks as always for the thoughtful article. So the SL is, to me, still relevant. C1 : Cinema 1 …… Buttons buttons moooore buttons 4K60. Also at Amazon. The Leica SL (Typ 601) is a full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera announced by Leica Camera AG on 20 October 2015. Expose correctly and you can get 51,200 ISO shots at night with acceptable noise levels, if you like the 1600 film look. It was a $35 adapter and they seem to have all sold out a couple of weeks ago. Please! The lens is truly a heavyweight for M lenses, but with the Leica SL it feels just right. I have been using the SL for several years and really enjoy it. Correct me I misunderstood something. What is the reliable source to buy? thanks for the wonderful article Steve. I am not that sure about digital correction solving all the perspective problems. They are better on the S1 and SL over the Sony. I’d take the 50 AP without question of hesitation. I mean, it is good by the standards set five years ago, but not by 2019 standards. Second, they're made for engineering quality without any regard for price. My blog, ohm-image.net, covers some stuff about the gear I use in work as well as reviews, and other stuff. I think cameras have achieved a sort of “nash equilibrium” at 24mpix and generally excellent performance from all ILC cameras. Wonderful files from it as you say Steve, I believe the sensor is from the same Israeli company that makes the Nikon D850 sensor which is also a fantastic camera and gives wonderful files. But that’s the day job. A Look at the NEW Sigma 35 and 65mm Contemporary DG DN f/2 Lenses on a Panasonic S5. Unfortunately (for me) if rumors are correct the new SL will be using the 47 MP sensor which is not a bad thing of course, but for me, I prefer 24 megapixels as it delivers the lowest noise levels and will also offer faster AF and possibly better DR (but don’t quote me on that). Thanks for the great review on the SL Steve. New Leica SL 601 First Impressions and Review. This keeps the camera lighter and well balanced as well as one of the best manual focus digital cameras on earth today. $5,995 No Longer Available. After reviewing my library of ‘old’ SL images, the fundamental conclusion is that overall, the SL delivered more consistent & better results than my M’s. I will share images taken with the SL over the years here in this post, so yes, all images here were shot with the SL along with M mount lenses from Leica, Voigtlander and Zeiss. In the few times I need AF, especially when someone else is taking the picture, I was wondering if the 24-105 would work? The S1 on the other hand is new, still unproven for reliability (but mine has been good so far) and it has the DNA of the SL all throughout and gets close to the SL experience, but not quite. I’m thinking of getting a CL, as a smaller complement to the SL, with the same philosophy of using the small but beautiful M mount glass (Voigtlander and Leica). The only wide angle I have is a 15mm Voigtlander and it does great on the S1 without any issues I have seen. I am using a cheap one I found on Amazon but it is very limited. Another with the 24-90 SL zoom, 1st image. I use this cheap adapter for Canon EF lenses. I had one until Oct 2018, loved it and only used it with Leica M glass, had a 50mm limited edition f1.4 on it most of the time. The Leica SL is a full frame mirrorless camera featuring the new L Mount that will be used with Leica, Panasonic and Sigma. The range of accessories and equipment for the Leica SL underlines its commitment to fulfilling professional demands. Most never shot with one, especially with M lenses yet there was so much hate coming at the SL. I enjoy reading your posts. The joystick has a more confident click when pushed to expand the manual focus area, the sleek back without buttons makes it feel more comfy in my hands. Do not discount it as anything lesser than a Sony or Nikon or Canon. So this article was just one to write as I sit here on a Friday morning looking at the SL and S1 on my desk. It has taken years for a better EVF to finally surface, and it is still capable of amazing quality. To me, it really may be the ultimate 35mm format camera. The SL is $6,000 and the S1 is $2500. Sold it several weeks back and got the Leica M10P… even nicer.. smaller … quieter… and with the little visoflex a SLR when desired but really a leica in the truest respect. New Sony V3 A7III and a7RIII firmware is out and it has Animal Eye AF! S1 : Simple 1 …… Few buttons. The motor drive was as large as the camera body itself, marked LEICAFLEX MOTOR, and was probably only made in black. The SL is promoted as a camera system for professional applications. Been a pro photographer all my working life graduating from large format Sinar in advertising photography to press photography for the last 30 years.. Use Canon in my day job and gave what some people would describe as a dream kit of every prime and zoom L lens right through the range probably well in excess of £30,000 worth. The color, contrast and bokeh of this lens is outstanding. With an adapter like the Novoflex (expensive) you can have AF and Aperture control (from the camera dial just as yo would on a Canon body) but the Novoflex is $650 – https://bhpho.to/2GDG2qn, The adapter I use is $35 and doesn’t offer AF or aperture control. Thanks! Vous recevrez ainsi toutes les infos importantes sur les nouveaux produits Leica, sur les services exclusifs et les événements proches de chez vous, directement dans votre boîte de messagerie. The SL is/was wonderful….one of the nicest cameras I have used…. I was planning to get the 24-105 S lens to keep the cost down. The Leica SL2 is a new mirrroless camera for professionals, offering a 47 megapixel full-frame sensor, 4K/60p video recording, 20fps burst shooting, a class-leading EVF, fast auto-focusing and a 3.2-inch touchscreen. In fact, if you own an SL then it is still just as wonderful today as it was four years ago. I reviewed that lens on the SL, but I just bought one of those cheap $30 adapters from Amazon. What I’m trying to say is thanks for the advice Steve and I won’t be needing to upgrade to the MK2 versions because these do what I need and I can live with what they can’t. Checked out once more SL yesterday yeah it’s sleek it’s zen still its a Monsterr Truck when M lenses placed on it. I played around with some SL and TL glass and can confirm the TL glass works on the S1 (at a lower res) the S1 kit lens works on the CL. Thank you for the reassurance that the SL is “still relevant.” I almost sold mine to get something more modern, which would have been a big mistake!! However, that remains to be seen under intense sunlight when there is both extreme highlights and shadows. So the SL2 that may be coming this year may have that 47MP sensor! Perhaps your answer may come with a caveat about the type of photography one is most engaged in — but I’d rather leave it open for your comment. The Hasselblad 907x Continues to Impress. Seems to end it 70 year run. The next image with the Voigtlander 35 f2 Ultron, then the 50 1.2 EF again and finally one with a Zenit 16mm f.28 fisheye. If you are used to a Sony A7 or A9, the SL will feel LARGE to you but after a few days, my guess is that it will start to feel REALLY good to you. The camera itself fantastic, rendering many incredible photographs. The Leicaflex SL Mot was a variant of the Leicaflex SL that could take a motor drive, and lacked the self-timer and the meter switch in the advance lever. A few with the Canon 50 1.2 and the new Zenit Helios 40-2. You can check out the Leica SL HERE at B&H Photo. I have never once, in four years had the SL go into another shooting mode. I thought the author was talking about 1970s Leica SL, one of leica’s first SLR. My bread and butter is audio/video/jewelry photography, […] Thank you very much. It is not an par with the best in class (not for panning around but who does that for stills anyway) but its sharp and bright. Used S (Typ 007) with Battery, Dual Battery Charger, Booklets, Box, Strap, and USB Cable With all digital cameras now are excellent tools that can take good pictures, the decision to pick a camera becomes more subjective, and closing in on preference which comes to the joy of use, our sense and bonding with the equipment. Do not remember the one I bought. It was huge, it was expensive and the glass was also quite large. Your approach to photography, cameras and lenses resonates with me. Fortunately my camera eye is the left one for the DSLR’s that earn the bread and butter so not affected. I don’t see those on the SL. Personally I think that shift lenses do not play well with digital cameras, and I don’t think I will ever use one again (I shot mirrors with one and it was acceptable but very annoying). I have been shooting Nikon and Leica and Hasselblad since my first Nikon in 1980’s and my first Leica a M6 in 1997. I fell in love with the SL once I truly learned it’s simple control setup, which took a day or two for me to fully get used to. There is a richness to the files, the color, the “look” that I just do not get with other cameras. Leica SL (Typ 601), Black Trade-in any DSLR or mirrorless camera and save $1,500! I have read many comments over the years on forums from those who just hate on this camera because of the red dot. #1, 2 and 4 with the Leica 50 Lux, #3 with the 24-90 and the last one with the Leica 50 APO. Much thanks in advance. I set mine to A mode, and it has never changed..unless I changed it to M which I sometimes do. If you could have one Leica 50mm lens, would you choose either the LEICA NOCTILUX-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH or the LEICA APO-SUMMICRON-M 50mm f/2 ASPH? The reality is that the SL2 will be a hard sell if it is 2X the cost of the S1R. Leica SL + Leica 28mm F/1.4 Summilux. Thanks. What EF to SL adapter do you use Steve? As a hobbyist, I’ve owned every version of the M since the M6 TTL and have always upgraded to the latest version. Leica SL Leica SL (Typ 601) Leica SL System Opinion Pricing SL (Typ 601) Share On: Tweet. It’s a lifetime camera, or as long as it may last. The EVF was the best of the best at the time (now surpassed by the Panasonic S1) and shooting manual focus M lenses was so much fun but also gave back amazing quality. It is largish, especially with native lenses, so some users might prefer using the SL with M lenses, as I do. I always bought black models so the spouse would not be prompted to offer a challenge. SL has a built-in Stereo microphone and a Mono speaker. This means that Leica SL provides 4K (Ultra-HD) video. Thanks again for a great review. Still, is it worth paying an extra $2000 for a used SL or should I just stick with getting an S1? When the SL2 was announced, once again, standing in line to get the latest version, the SL2 is impressive; it has many updates from its new sensor to the electron shutter. Yes, they are about the same size, same shape, use the same mount and are more similar than different with the EVF but the Leica to me just “feels” better in my hand. actually I’m looking for a camera body to shoot M glass with (without spending $$ on a M body…) I understand that the S1 is better than Sony or Nikon mirrorless options and does work as well as the SL for this purpose? Just like the Q, a used SL is really something to consider today. The S1 is fantastic with all of the M glass I have been using, even the 15mm Voigtlander. A $2000 Sony might produce similar images but I find no joy in using the equipment. The Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers are very special. As for the title of this post, “Is the Leica SL Still Relevant in 2019” I say YES, 100%. Personally I found the lenses I own and use did better on the S1 over the SL. Yep the M10 or M10P is also wonderful. It appears my ‘common sense’ is due for an upgrade, but the fear is the wife will spot ‘LEICA’ emblazoned on the front of the SL!!! Discover Photography Workshops for beginners and advanced Online Tickets Curated by Leica Akademie UK ... Leica will inform the participants with as much notice as possible on these occasions. The SL to me is one of the greats, in my top 2-3 cameras of all time, again, for me, my tastes, and what I shoot and how I shoot. Due to economic changes, i have to weigh my choices carefully. That said, I’ve been thinking of replacing the M10 with an SL primarily due to my aging eyes. [Later on the day of publication of this article, Leica announced a firmware update for the SL which, among other improvements, introduced an electronic shutting topping out at 1/16,000, similar to that on the Q. 1st image below with the Voigtlander 35 1.2 II, 2nd image with THIS lens. Understanding the Camera and VS film. The SL is an alternative, if a rather costly and heavier alternative, to the lightweight TL. The SL Mot was mostly produced in black enamel and later black chrome, but chrome examples do exist. Lovely lovely cameras that can stand the test of time. However here’s the rub; about 18 months I suffered a detached retina in my right eye losing a considerable amount of vision. View fullsize. The SL is about 108mm tall, so definitely will not fit, as I have just tried it again. It will take a while before other needs pile up sufficiently to make today’s 24mpix cameras feel limited and obsolete. The first three images below, I believe were take with a 50 Summilux f1.4. Hi Steve, I would like to ask you if the yield of the m and r preasferential optics on the s1, in your opinion are similar to the sl or are there obvious differences, like the yield at the edges? The 2nd was with a 50 f/3.5 Voigtlander M mount lens, the last two with a Nikon 58 1.4. If Leica can make an M with just a B&W sensor, or with no rear LCD panel then surely they can make an M with a top notch EVF. It is larger but after shooting the S1 or SL for a few weeks and then going to something else in mirrorless, well, those something else cameras feel too small, and some of them toy like. Useful Articles, Featured Photographers and more! The new SL2 may well be fantastic but the SL will still perform for many years to come and is still relevant in 2019. still love my SL, don’t see what a newer camera will get me But when shooting the S1 it doesn’t feel anything at all like the SL and I still feel the SL has richer and nicer color than the S1. Since the Canon doesn’t have manual f stop ring how do you set the f stop on the 50mm Two with the lovely little 35 f2 Ultron from Voigtlander in low light. Loved the idea of an M Leica and the simplicity of old lenses but wasn’t sure I could make the seismic jump back to rangefinder etc. It is lovely how far we have come since I first reviewed the old Panasonic GF1 so many years ago. FWIW I use the SL with my R ROM lenses. Are there corner/edge issues? The SL is still very reliant in 2019 but it looks expensive today as it did when it came out. Goodbye Photokina? Well you’ve got a lot to answer for Steve. Any ones that you recommend? The Leica Monochrom Review Part 1. or for a greater three-dimensional rendering, which made these lenses famous. See my original full massive SL review HERE. Yes the “old” Leica SL has been a camera I have come back to time and again. Absolutely not. I just love that 24MP sweet spot. You may be surprised! It may just be me, but based on prior experience with panasonic, I am seeing shades of a yellowish cast in the images I see, especially the highlights. It gives AF and all function but it’s pricey. I use some to complement the focal distances of the M (180 and 280 Apos) on the M (240), but although usable is not optimal, mainly because of shutter lag.So what about the SL with those kind of lenses, so you have any experience (or know somebody who has)? The new Leica Noctilux-M 75 f/1.25 ASPH. Thank you. Hey Stephan, thanks for the comment. Although the S1 is a fairly complex camera (500+ pages for the user manual). Beside the Leica S-System, the Leica SL-System is the 2nd professional camera system in the company's product portfolio.. Your recommendation for the Q and SL means I can still use those easily and with manual lenses on the SL to boot. Like you, I love shooting with the SL, either the 24-90 or the 50mm. Even the Leica 25 1.4 TL mount lens is amazing on the S1. You can get better performance in specific areas in one camera over another, you can get higher resolution from some cameras, but overall, a modern 24mpix camera and good lenses could keep most any still photographer working today happy for a lifetime. Book now - The Leica SL Lens Experience Webinar at the Leica Camera UK. To be honest I cannot think of any cameras that I have owned that have been a dud, well I did have the first Sony Mirrorless but it was awful with Leica glass, but they have sorted it out now. User Reports – YOUR views on camera gear! Strange that you have this issue! Mirrorless Central – My reviews of all Mirrorless Cameras. Here it was, the Leica SL + Noctilux combo, and first thing I notice is how the weight is balanced with the SL. While it is well known that the sl lenses behave like native lenses on the S1, is the reverse true? Anyway, just wanted to share some of my love for the SL and now the S1. Any cheap one will do. Much like an M but with a world class EVF and no rangefinder to drift off (which happens with all M’s eventually). Thank for your description of the SL. Part 2.5 is up HERE – Part 3 is up HERE The Monochrom and […], A Year with the Leica M10 – A Field Report and Re-Review of a Modern Digital Classic By Ashwin Rao – Join the Leica M10 Facebook Group HERE. So I took the plunge and also bought the voightlander 12mm for architecture etc. David Farkas is a self-admitted Leica junkie and an avid photographer since he was seven years old. Do I like the S1, yes I do. That is a tough pill to swallow but now that the S1 is out I feel more and more will get a small taste of what the SL is like. “Is it still relevant?” …well I don’t know the answer to that question because in today’s world of camera technology, it has become increasingly difficult to justify the premium price the red dot is commanding unless you just GOTTA HAVE a Leica The question; in a new purchase scenario, is the SL worth $3,500 more than the S1. Almost an ethereal experience on some occasions. If you have them, use them, but accept the limitations. The SL (Typ 601) was succeeded by the Leica SL2 in 2019. We will soon see glass from Sigma for this mount as well, which many will embrace but if you own an S1 or SL, I urge you to at least try one small M mount lens, even from Voigtlander. That’s another story for another day when the SL2 is official. ABONNEMENT À LEICA NEWS Abonnez-vous à Leica News. Will talk more about it in my full review of the S1. Is the Leica SL still relevant? Leica SL (Typ 601) Price Reduced to $5,995. Both cameras are equipped with a full frame sensor. The best I have seen this Year (2019). In a perfect world Leica continues to make an M rangefinder but adds an EVF in an M style body to their collection. One issue have though I have with the SL is the tendency to have the camera go into other modes such as P or S Mode when in A without much effort when shooting, especially in the midst of shooting in a very quick, rapidly changing situation; sorta like in the shooting in the midst of battle. Maybe with the next itaration of the M there will also be an new evf. To me, that would be SL. I run a still-life and event studio in Japan. It's somewhat ISO Invariant from ISO 200 to 400 onwards, while exposure latitude tests indicate similar dynamic range to a Canon 5D Mark IV. Leica Specialist. The dilemma is that the Panasonic is better in most areas of IQ and tech AND is less than half the cost of the SL. But my question is: what about R lenses? Will be returning the S1R this week. The closest thing on the market to a viable replacement for the DSLR is the Sony A7 series, but even with new cameras being released more often than iPhones, they still aren't quite there yet.Not only are they not there, they still have 3 different cameras instead of one. A very to-the-point answer was given by our own Rod Lawton. As good as those large lenses are, and they are stunning, most did not want a giant 35mm system. As you having pointed out of the last 4 years, it is a wonderful camera, especially with small, manual focus lenses. In fact when you get tired of it, just send it to me! With Leica SL, you can record your videos at a highest resolution of 4096 x 2160 at 24p fps and save in and MPEG-4 formats. Shop B&H for our huge inventory of Leica SL Lenses. Pound for Pound, Dollar for Dollar the Leica SL is certainly not a “value” by todays standards. Ergonomically it works well and some of those R lens produce amazing results, even though they are @ 20 years old. Solid clicks set it into place. Nope, can’t shoot THIS lens on a Nikon or Canon Works amazing on the SL… I have a few M lenses that I am using and would like to stick with them. When I look back at my old SL images it brings a smile to my face. No auto focus, and I cannot change the aperture. some may say CL is it but butt aaaand its a Biiiig BUTT CL ain’t FF. Sleek, sexy, smooth, solid, minimal and beautiful. It’s wide open for any lens. Once I did though, I found it such a joy to use. No adapters just a house. Large and easy to rotate to dial in the perfect focus for your eyes. There is the 50 1.4 and 70-200 but they are large. YES, an M with built in EVF is my dream camera! Image 2 with the older original Leica 50 Summicron, image 3 with the Voigtlander 35 1.2II, the 4th image was shot with the Leica 50 APO (which the voigtlander 50 f/3.5 renders like, just with a slower aperture and for only $529. So, if the SL2 were to go with a ‘stealth’ theme………. For me, the answer is emphatically and categorically no, the S1 for the money is the smarter choice. The image rendering of the S1 is great but if you compare it against the SL, I find the S1 rendering more “sterile” the SL paired with Leica glass has something special that I can not reproduce on the S1 (with Leica M glass). Understanding the Camera and vs FILM. Dynamic Range.

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