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the first step is to believe in yourself, to believe you are divinely guided and protected, and to believe that you are worthy and capable. Maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew at your workplace and the resulting stress and burden is weighing you down. stop cheating yourself out of effort that will elevate you. Cosmic Slumber Party Tarot Deck Tillie Walden Liminal 11 November 3, 2020. it’s definitely not a tower energy, it’s more of a ‘falling into place’ energy, like realizing how things are supposed to be, like dimensions fusing together. you know exactly how you sabotage yourself. maybe write some affirmations that you can read in order to ground yourself into the present and direct your attention towards letting go and making space for better things. dare to adopt habits that you know would be better for you, even if it is a struggle at first to keep them up. Learn more about Leo's characteristics » Tarot Card: Strength Glyph: The Lion Ruling Planet: The Sun Ruling House: 5th House of … there is so much more that you can do, achieve, feel, love, if only you let yourself gaze that far into your being. the full moon and the Lion Gate are not playing around, they are allowing us to be reborn into a more authentic version of ourselves. you hold so much power! work with it, mold it, knead it, don’t wait for it, Alex // Tarot Reader // Channeled Messages // DM for Tarot readings. only you know that. celebrate how far you have come, you are not the same person you were even a month ago. this lion’s gate won’t put up with it. but isn’t this what you’ve been waiting for while doing all that inner work? I felt so inexplicably drawn to the art. yes, beginning are hard, yes, taking chances is scary, but the key is to keep going, little by little. A lion in need of healing and help, is attended to by an angel or ‘human angel.’ This may be a spirit guide, dentist, doctor, surgeon, healer or therapist. ... Leo the Lion has since ancient times been associated with the sun, ... 2020 Categories Tarot Tags astrology, Tarot, Zodiac signs. Jan 28, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Nova Cayt. Angel tarot Past lives tarot Lover's triangle tarot All unique tarot ... Be the best Lion you can be in 2020! Leo’s is empowered by its Tarot card, Strength. and don’t get discouraged, you’ve already come so far, recognize how much progress you’ve made, even if to you it doesn’t seem good enough yet. the energy is definitely starting to settle again. Meghan Markle, born on 4 August 1981, is a Leo, a Fire sign, and is represented by the lion. Lions Gateway Tarot. Search ... And someone has been foolish enough to awaken the lion within. which doesn’t mean that your evolution stops here, but merely that now you won’t be doing it on your own, but rather with a counterpart who is just as devoted to their growth as you are. to the universe, every little effort is spectacular. Lion - Comment se passera votre année 2020 ? you crave adventure and a new start, but for that you have to sacrifice your well-built security, which scares you. ... Tarot Tips — Noble Lion Prints. you might still look back in fear that the past could come back and hurt you again, but that is no longer possible. The Lion’s Gate portal presents a powerful opportunity to transform, release, activate, manifest and create. but you have to be willing to take that risk and walk away from what is familiar, yet harmful. Every year, on August 8th, a gateway aligns between the Earth and the star, Sirius, increasing the flow of energies between the spiritual and physical planes. New Moon Tarot Energy Reading 18 Aug 2020, this new moon will definitely bring up a lot of triggers, I for one already feel some heavy energy, anxiety, fears coming up. and keep taking those steps forward, you are not alone. there is so much healing in just taking the first step on this new journey in which you are letting yourself expand and shine. Strength. if you feel trapped, like you can’t get over something, like you can’t get up and act, that is a lie that you are holding on to. it might seem scary at first, as everything does, but don’t believe the fear talking in your mind, rather feel. Tarot Energy Reading post Lion’s Gate Portal. the best thing you can do is to let go, surrender to what is, and let everything flow. you start to look to your inner child for answers. Oct 7, 2020 - Leo Astrology! you are strong, you can get through this, and you can rise above it and shine brigher than before. it takes courage to do so, but that’s what the lion’s gate is all about. ... Now that we have gone over some of the top tarot decks for sale of 2020, you should have an idea of what is out there. it is the perfect time to make the decision to stop sabotaging yourself and start believing in your potential. you know exactly what you need to do, you know exactly what habits you need to leave behind, what relationships are not serving you, what paths are draining you. Leo - Power. are you still not willling to let go of habits/people/jobs that are bad for you? the rest is just inspired action, the rest is a beautiful journey. Things might seem very unclear to you, you might feel trapped, unsafe, completely all over the place because you have no idea how to deal with everything life throws at you. honestly, the energy was so powerful yesterday, I couldn’t even get any messages through, the cards were all over the place and all I wanted to do was sleep. and then there were so many clearing and purging dreams, mostly related to the relationships in my life. Tarot Energy Reading 女 Lion’s Gate 2020. ohhh, this is going to be an intense one. Your zodiac sign's free daily tarot card reading is here with a prediction for October 6, 2020. the opposition between past and present is becoming apparent. This oracle traditionally depicts a figure wrestling or subduing a lion ("primal urges"; "passion/ earthly desire"). and once that happens, the past can’t touch you anymore. And a seductive sextile between these two planets (exact February 20, July 27, and October 12) makes you somehow even more alluring in 2020. This card embodies nature in its most primal form, allowing the Lion to be and to express its true self. for some of you, the universe is really taking you full force into a divine, lasting connection that defies all odds. it is all for your own good though, the universe is always on your side. there is nothing to fear, soon something beautiful and heart-fulfilling will come your way. Want Even More? leave the visions and dreams be, focus on reality, namely on the way that you are creating it right now. it feels like there is a huge cycle just ending, and we’ll feel newly born, namely vulnerable, but excited to discover the new world. ohhh, this is going to be an intense one. you have the power and you’re stepping into the next chapter of your development, if you’re waiting for a new chapter, it’s already happening. what is it that your heart is asking for? Tarot professionals Katie-Ellen Hazeldine in Great Britain and Kyra Oser in the United States and Canada look at the cards. In other words, the universe will naturally influence you into taking the necessary action that results in your manifestation coming true. Je vous dis tout ce qui va se passer, et mes conseils pour tout ailles au mieux pour vous: général, amour, travail et finance.J'espère que la vidéo vous plaira!Les jeux utilisés:- Pam's Vintage tarot 2nd édition- Tarot de Mona Lisa de Lo Scarabeo - Mucha tarot de Lo Scarabeo - Mission de vie d'Isabelle Cerf- Le Chakras du Cœur d'Isabelle CerfPour toutes réservations de guidances et tirages avec moi: https://thefoxyspirit.com/tirages/Rejoins-moi!Mon site internet: https://www.thefoxyspirit.comMa page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lilyfoxyspiritMon Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thefoxy_spiritMa boîte Mail: thefoxyspirit@gmail.com The Lions Gateway Tarot by Jessica Leigh Henry caught my attention pretty much right away. A confident leader and a good organiser like you is not going to be someone who will give up easily, whatever the circumstances. Que vous réserve elle réellement ? pay attention to the signs, to the help that shows up, and give appreciation to it. Horoscope 2020 Tarot Reading fortnightly horoscope Fortnightly tarot reading Horoscope November 2020 Zorian Cross Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Above to the left you'll see the First … It almost looks like Human is checking Lion's dental health in the Strength card! your energy has changed, you operate differently now. this relationship can come now because you have done the inner work you needed to do in order to reach it. you are the creator, the emperor/empress, the king/queen of your life and of your story. sit with these feelings and let them pass. Horoscope 2020 Tarot Reading fortnightly horoscope October horoscope 2020 Tarot Reading 2020 Zorian Cross Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. See more ideas about leo, zodiac, astrology. who you once were isn’t who you are now. Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8/2020 Tarot Spread WHAT IS THE LION’S GATEWAY PORTAL? Tarot Decks Reiki Tarot Significado Tarot Card Spreads Tarot Astrology Oracle Tarot Tarot Card Meanings Tarot Readers Palmistry. Pinning cosmic love for your zodiac sign. you can sit here and think about it all you want, but that won’t get you to that powerful energy you feel budding outside your gated garden. Katie-Ellen Hazeldine – Seven of Swords / Two of Cups I have drawn two cards for this month; the shady, subtle, diplomatic, or downright sneaky Seven of Swords, and the gentle, reconciling, gifting, healing, and trading Two of Cups. there are so many opportunities and people looking for you, waiting for you, if you only there look in new directions. why? it’s time to let go of the scenarios you’ve been building in your head and carrying with you, you know the ones, those that place you in the middle of lack, of bad luck, of defeat. especially if you’ve been feeling drained and purposeless, if you’ve been dreading the everyday. Bienvenue les Lions, Voici votre guidance du mois de Novembre 2020. treat them with kindness, but be firm. everything is here right now, i cannot stress this enough. You will be guided to take “inspired action” as part of a bridge of naturally occurring events that lead you to your goal. Découvrez l'analyse d'Elisabeth, notre astrologue talentueuse I love the interaction, the relationship depicted in it. what is it that moves you? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. 151 likes. April 5, 2020 May 9, 2020 John Iacovelli Christian mysticism, Major Arcana, Strength, Virtues The classical idea of the virtue of Strength has little to do with physical strength. your inner being always knows what you need, you only have to follow its nudges. sure, everything takes effort, but when you’re in your purpose, that effort is driven by passion. yes, it is possible, yes, you are worthy of it, yes, it is meant for you. recognize that these are the steps that take you to your ideal life. Majorrrrr cycle closing, I cannot emphasize this enough. Both Human and Lion … not the future, but the present. According to the horoscope, your natural authority and friendly and generous behavior will help you. August 8th at 9:45 PM EST on our YouTube channel. Spreads, Tarot! Lion's Gate Tarot or Oracle Spread. Have a blessed week, lovelies! Bienvenue les Lions,Voici votre guidance du mois de Novembre 2020. In most Tarot decks, a Lion is featured prominently on this card, representing an obvious relationship with Leo the Lion. i see balance being restored, things aligning again, things making sense for the first time in a while. expect the unexpected, expect to realize what truly matters to you and what is secondary and not worth your time. Les conseils de tarot 2020 pour le Lion indiquent que les ondes positives seront à vos côtés et que vous attirerez l’attention de tous ceux que vous aimez, autour de vous. a tough but beautiful month. Les couleurs vont jouer un grand rôle dans votre énergie cette année, alors ne négligez pas l’impact positif qu’elles ont sur votre vie. those are not you, you can shine way brighter than you think you can. Spreads, Tarot! L’année 2020 sera riche en couleurs pour les Lions. Aries Tarot Horoscope For December 2020 Tap into your creative side to develop some new ideas in your business or project that you are working ... you will be willing to do the lion's share of work. drop the fear of the unknown, since the unknown can’t wait to embrace you and show you how limitless the world really is. We put the "Cult" in "Occult" Skip to content. Much like their Lion symbol, the Leo personality is confident and expressive, helping them light up a room wherever they go! connect to that overflowing cup of love inside of you, bring you body, mind and heart on that frequency, and literal miracles will come your way. but with the eclipses, the 12/12 portal, the conjunction on the 21st, it’s hard to expect anything else. what you need to do is to make the changes you’ve been thinking of. be patient with yourself as you make the transition towards something better, the last few steps are often the hardest, but think about how far you have come. Tarot explorer~spiritual tour guide~tarot courses~creative tarot resources~Certified Happiness Coach~INFJ~Hufflepuff~star gazer~moon lover~at home amongst trees View all posts by Christiane Author Christiane Posted on 07/08/2020 07/08/2020 Categories Practical Tarot Tags journaling prompts , Lion's Gate Opening , spreads ground yourself, physically and spiritually, in the energy of abundance, because it is sooo available to you, practically waiting for you to reach out your hand so it can enter your life. if your own cup is full, if you stand in the frequency of inner abundance, if you are sure of yourself, and most importantly, if you trust your own path, there is no possible way to fail. Tap on the video below or search in youtube’s search “moon omens” and you’ll find our channel as well as scheduled meditation video. the universe will catch you and you’ll amaze yourself. Cult of Tarot Forum. A place to practice and appreciate the art of Tarot, cartomancy, and other esoteric arts. your own Pins on Pinterest. you have started a new cycle in regards to relationships. not only do we know better and more clearly what we want to manifest, but it is also time to act in order to bring the world we’ve dreamt up into the 3D. Year of 2020: We just can’t help falling in love with you, Leo. All in divine timing. many of you are getting strong urges to go outside of your comfort zone and learn or try something new, take a different path, start a new endeavour. first chakra issues will come up, so you need to ground yourself and not let negative thoughts take over you so much that you don’t see the way out anymore. of course you can’t see the end result of going after something new, that is the whole point of it, to take the risk and trust yourself. know that it’s time for you to claim your story and your journey and make moves, make plans, manifest those things you’ve been putting off manifesting because you didn’t think you were deserving. i see a relationship that is born from a union of souls, the kind of relationship that you’ve been waiting for, the kind that heals and expands your world, the kind that multiplies the love you already feel. the main message is that you should take these chances, you should follow your heart into a different direction than the one you’ve been going in. Vix x. July 30, 2020. you’ll find new opportunities and collaborations and you’ll find yourself making decisions you didn’t think you’d make but which propel you towards such a bright future. act like it, feel just how much you can do. After all, with Jupiter ruling your romance house and Neptune your house of intimacy and sex, you’re simply irresistible! and once you realize it’s all happening for your higher good, once you realize this time in your life is so, so powerful, you’ll be able to create and attract what you want. these things are coming to the surface now in order for you to clear a further layer of attachment, pain or trauma, so you can fully step into your power. there is such a strong transformative energy present this month. if that showed up for you too, you might feel a bit lighter now. MerMay Tarot 2020 - 8. whatever it is, it is divine healing love, do not doubt it, if it feels like a perfect match, then it is. Cult of Tarot Forum. Lion's Gate Tarot or Oracle Spread. you have the strength to go through this new phase in your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. May 23, 2020 - Explore Damaris Gutierrez's board "Tarot & Astrology", followed by 224 people on Pinterest. if it feels right, if it lights your soul on fire, then go after it. Lion is territorial while Human is graceful and kind. appreciate the progress you’ve made towards the life and the self you want. Discover (and save!) you might encounter some hostilities from people who can’t see your vision, who think they know what’s best for you, but have no idea what would actually make you happy. THIS is the dimension you’ve been waiting for. what you once wanted isn’t what you want anymore. not the promise of your life, but the reality of it. it might be a new lover who is perfectly suited to your energy, it might be the deepening of an already existing relationship, it might be a romantic offer of some sort. you are enough exactly as you are right now, your life is enough exactly as it is right now, it is worthy of living. there is always an aura of divine support surrounding you. there will be help, there will be offers. the sun is on the horizon for sure, and you are learning how to shape your reality and your world. it is only in your head. the ego will always want to go back to what you know, even if it’s harmful. And a wonderful addition it is! The Lady and the Lion. let your world emerge, Tarot Energy Reading // September 2020 . Eisner-winner Tillie Walden is the most recent cartoonist to get caught up in the world of indie tarot—her new deck, the Cosmic Slumber Tarot, is the latest addition to Liminal 11’s growing catalogue of tarot and oracle decks. this lion’s gate won’t put up with it. The line drawings are wood-burned via pyrography and then colored in with oil paints. We invite you to join us and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. are you still not willling to let go of habits/people/jobs that are bad for you? if there is something that you absolutely need to let go of in order to step into the next chapter of yout life, and you have refused to do it until now, you might have a storm coming. Your Tarot card for January is Strength. I see romance blossoming for a part of you, and not just any kind of romance. a whole new beautiful chapter is opening up before you, but you are the only one who can step into it and be willing to receive all that you have been wanting. Lion’s Gate 2020 Global Live Meditation . dare to explore other options, other methods, other ways of being. Tarot Reading 2020 - Annual Tarot card 2020 predictions will give you a relevant and an exciting reading into your future. when things are uncertain, you can choose to see just how free you are to do anything✨, Tarot Energy Reading // Second half of August. Strength is an interesting card to draw. Quick links. Leo Tarot Horoscope For March 2020. Leo's Tarot Card: Strength. We put the "Cult" in "Occult" Skip to content. What is it that you wanted to do but never did because you got caught up in other things? An original pyrographic Tarot deck which is based in Traditional Tarot wisdom Lions Gateway Tarot, original artwork by Jessica Leigh Henry because we’ll be more and more aware of what is holding us back from abundance and prosperity and love, namely what in ourselves is holding us back. whatever it is, you need to return to it. everything takes effort, you have to choose which one will make you better. so don’t get fazed by certain conflicts that might occur, they are here to test if you are actually committed to your own path or if the voices around you can derail you. Find out what tarot horoscope predictions for the year 2020 say about your zodiac sign. why? Come join us, and share/invite others. A place to practice and appreciate the art of Tarot, cartomancy, and other esoteric arts. There is a balance of energies here. you can’t hesitate anymore, if there is something you want, the whole universe is supporting you in going for it. It involves a physical or metaphysical confrontation with a threat that must be overcome, or through perseverance, survived. expect to be rewarded for all the patience you’ve been having during this process. The lion is a symbol of fire that burns within us – representing our wants and desires with an intense blaze. the first step is the hardest, just take it, like throwing yourself into cold water. i cannot begin to tell you how intense and potent the energies are right now. be more aware of it this week, even through the challenges. See more ideas about Tarot, Tarot art, Tarot astrology. you are deserving! Brace yourself for a tough month, Lion. listen to your gut, this month your intuition will be louder. The lion depicted on the Strength card is one that I really connected with. for some of us, I’m feeling some gorgeousss loving energy coming in. you can play now, you can let yourself be loved. make sure you know what you want to create for yourself, the vision has to be clear at this point, and you need to know it will take hard work and discipline and trust. appreciate how far you’ve come and how much better you’ve become. perseverence is your best friend right now. Brace yourself for a tough month, Lion. Vix x. July 30, 2020. well, there will be no more of that. and you know what it is, you know it, underneath that layer of fear and insecurity. By Ejderha-Arts Watch. it’s healing time, it’s time to recover, to pick yourself up from past hardships and heartbreaks, from betrayals and missed opportunities. your cup is full of divine love, which can only attract more similar cups into your life. on the other side of that blockage is soooo much abundance, so much healing, so many opportunities that will be immediately coming in, you’ll wonder what the hell took you so long to make that change. Lion, according to Tarot cards, you are most influenced by the Strength card.Horoscope estimates that in 2020 you can feel a great drive, courage and creative energy and especially a new appetite for life.Your confidence will allow you to embark on challenging plans. The Gilded Tarot Royale, Ciro Marchetti. Read your tarot card horoscope by zodiac sign for the week of November 30, 2020. there may be better ways to do things than the ones you’ve been used to. be open for it, but realize that there might be a few more steps in order to get there. it means you are not listening to yourself, you are depriving yourself of passion and joy and excitement. Tarot card: Strength. it feels like a week for a new way of being, of acting from the heart and not the mind, of trusting your own passion. because we’ll be more and more aware of what is holding us back from abundance and prosperity and love, namely what in ourselves is holding us back. Leo Tarot Horoscope For March 2020. remember how even the obstacles build you up into the person who can receive what you want, so be grateful for them. whatever you feel the urge to do, it is time, disregard your past self or your past insecurities and fears, and plunge into this new endeavour/relationship/self, brimming with passion for your vision. allow yourself to receive that love, there’s an abundance of it! don’t cheat yourself out of your fate anymore. Lots of new opportunities coming in, some out of nowhere, or definitely not from where you were expecting. You love basking in attention so it’s only fitting that your ruler is the ego-boosting sun.

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